Memories are made from Special Moments

Memories are made from Special Moments

When your eyes see a vision - When your heart takes a flutter - When a friendship blossoms and changes - When you just can't stop smiling - When a peaceful ambience occurs: Love has landed safely at your door.

Beginning your new life together

"I love you... I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope and every dream I have ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, every day we are together is the greatest day of my life"    -  - The Notebook



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20 Mar 2022 Sample Blog

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Welcome to Your Local Celebrant Marlborough


Pamela was thrilled to be approved as a celebrant on the 16th December 2021, attending the course graduation from the Celebrants Training College NZ.  This website represents an offer of creating your very special day by sharing your plans and dream ideas for that perfect day.  

The Place

Your venue reflects who you are and from your most inner expressions you can choose a picturesque garden, an intimate restaurant, a beach, a vineyard, a secret hideaway, or a personal place to you. There are many choices for you.

The Plan

Your ideas of colour, venue design, music, flowers, the important guests, how many, and how you will record your very special day. You can create the whole day or have your celebrant recommend and help you finalise everything.

The Ceremony

The consent to each other, your identity, your special vows to each other, the legal aspects of certain words that are needed to be voiced, the signing of your particulars, and the presence of two witnesses and the Blessing.

The Licence

Marriage documentation to register can be ordered prior to the day and given to your celebrant who will have them ready for you to sign at the signing table with your witnesses. The celebrant will send them to be verified so you can order your licence.

Your Local Celebrant of Blenheim, Marlborough - Pamela loves to create the perfect ambiance and setting for your very special day.
She recognises that sometimes a perfect boutique or bespoke gathering is preferred with close family and friends with a relaxed planning that includes your desires and wishes for your perfect day/evening celebration.
From the traditional setting, a seaside or country setting, a unique and relatable venue, a cruise on the Sounds, or your home garden, it is all possible.

Pamela can create with you for elopements (how secretly exciting!), second time around lovers (how beautiful!), first time love matches, same gender, and no matter your age (16years way too young and 99years is never old, however, age is within the beholder and everyone has such a special place in someone's heart.   

  • First Meeting: Let us connect and get to know each other. Do we fit? 
  • Second Meeting: Planning the parts of your celebration you wish me to create incorporating your ideas too.
  • Third Meeting: Let us go over the final details, have a rehearsal and test timing, music, placement of special guests.
  • All will go perfectly.

Style is not a Display of Wealth

But an Expressions of Imagination

Planning your Special Day



Small intimate groups  

A wedding, a union, an anniversary or the birth of a new child is a wonder and a miracle of life.  A time to bring families together if possible to celebrate, to hold hands in an intimate personal moment, to even to bring friends and family back into the fold.

Pamela understands that each and every one of us is unique, our paths lay ahead of us with hope, laughter, tears, ups and downs, miracles and most of all we have dreams of sharing our lives with someone special, to raising children by choice, and it is a celebrants journey to learn and aspire to those dreams by joining two wonderful people together to walk on together.