to the universe for the direction that is made for us, by us and the magic we feel but cannot see. We do not need to see, IT JUST IS.
For some couples there can be challenges in front of their dreams and the strength and belief in oneself and to each other, please push through it.  Others can find their way without a hitch, with everyone's blessing.  Elopements can be an elusive way to celebrate or a necessary choice to ensure a union, so many have had reasons to find love again and at any stage of life how wonderful to choose to find someone else to share life's happiness. 

Two becoming One?
It will be interesting learning even more about each other, finding new plans and creating ways to blend and instill faith and harmony in your relationship. When in conflict, finding the solutions to move forward and evolving with the universe that sometimes is out of our control.
Taking care of each other where there is no question of doubt, all emotions considered will happen and the strength of togetherness will see you through those difficult times and the enjoyment of sharing the most wonderful times.

Your special day is realised in the two people you are and the commitment you have just vowed to each other.