people in our travels or at home coming and going into our life. The important ones stay for ever. Love is lost and Love is found and soon enough our hearts are in a flutter and this turns us upside down and it is time then to reflect on our true feelings and ask ourselves "Is this truly the one?"

Reflection is a time for you, and you alone before you enter into one of the most important decision in your life. 
Remember that this is YOUR LIFE.

Family and friends can have their say positive or not so positive, parents and generations have left a trail of love laughter and sadness that you carry in your life as memories and stories. 
World events and situations have moulded each person to become who they are right now, you are no longer that little child living in a fantasy of fairies and goblins and although this can be a wonderful interlude sometimes to return to these feelings, it is time now to face your partner with truth, love, commitment and most of all the reflections that are your own you wish to share eternity with your chosen one.

Stay true to yourself and you will have all your questions answered.